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Scavenger Hunt Cheats

Egg 1 Gushing Geyser – Blogosaurs
Egg 2 Tree Fort (Croc Peninsula) – Coprolites
Egg 3 Carnivorous Cavern – Protectosaurs
Egg 4 Secret Temple (Dino Dunes) – Leviathan Melvillei
Egg 5 Forest Floor – Comedy Night
Egg 6 Edmarka’s Town Store (Gushing Geyser) – Soggy Bottom Swamp
Egg 7 Dr. Nanosaurus’ Secret Lab (Hillside Canopy) – Plesiosaurs
Egg 8 Sanoran Sands – Mystical Banana
Egg 9 Tao Temple (Sub Alpine Forest) – Flyboy
Egg 10 Buckland’s Peak – Sunflower

The prize is a Sunflower



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