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Weve moved

Hi dinos i am now blogging on club penguin my blog is www.lewisrae1.blogspot.com



Tootsville party tommorow

Hey guys tommorow i will be partying on tootsville one of the most awsome games on the web. Plus everyone that willl come will get aa very rare pivit just for that day. Here is the pivit that the awsome designers made.

Awsome Pivit. Heres all the info of the party

Plz come to my party it will be awsome.

if you didnt see that on the banner here the info:

Room: dino land

When the 17th of july

Time 11:00EST anf 4:00 pm uk time.

Also a big update to tootsville will come at my party this is what i got e mailed from tootsville.

Lewis – you and your invitees will have a great time at your party
tomorrow, oh by the way:


It has been brewing for awhile now and there has been many hints that
Shade was planning something big. So how is this for big…The
Shadows! The Shadows are Shades despicable minions that he personally
wished into existence. They have been hiding in Shadow Falls waiting
for the right time to show up, AND THEY HAVE! They are very sneaky and
only a few of us have seen them. Keep your eyes open and be very
careful, the last Toot to see one of them has gone missing. Shade has
also planted Shadowboxes all over Tootsville and if you stumble across
one it will take your peanuts!!!! The Shadowboxes are usually
invisible until you walk over it, so if you discover one make sure you
tell all your friends where it is.

Now with all of this happening with Shade I heard that the Mayor is
putting together a special TootTroop Team to take on the Shadows. This
team will get special “TootGear” but you have to show some major
loyalty to Tootsville to make the team. I will post more when I get
all of the details.

Also i got this picture.

click here to play tootsville now

New Club Penguin card jitsu water series


New Club Penguin Card Jitsu Trading cards have been released! These new cards are set to release November 10th, 2010! Here is the description of this new toy:

Each tin contains 4 (four) packs of Club Penguin Game cards. Each pack contains: 6 Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Water Game cards, 1 Customizable Penguin card, 1 Foil Power card, 1 Customizable Penguin Sticker card, and 1 Code cards.

If you read the description it tells you that this is a Card Jitsu Water set, with Card Jitsu Water trading cards! This may be a manufacturing error since the image doesnt show any Card Jitsu Water. Or, this may be a sign of Card Jitsu Water coming soon to Club Penguin soon!

This toy will release November 10, which is around when Card Jitsu Fire released, so there is a chance that Card Jitsu Water may be coming! What do you think? Share your thoughts and theories in a comment!

Full credit to www.clubpenguincp.com


New Club Penguin Wallpaper

Hey guys. Club Penguin relised a new wallpaper for the summer. Its of some penguins having so much fun playing hydro hopper. Take a look.

I lke this wallpaper do you?


Barkly the brocoli is a fake,New Webosaurs items and force field actions

Hey guys all this info is full credit to rahuu’s webosaurs blog for all this info.

First Rahhu was looking trtough caves and he saw some exclusive items. He also found the rare art contest trophys and other cool item watch this vidio for 2 of the new items.

Here are some more he found including the art trophies in a screenshot.

Cool new items huh? Also the new so called Webosaurs charecter Barkley the brocoli is a fake look on google images.

Rex even said on Twitter that its a fake so we need to find out what the real chrecter is.

And last the forfield action coming soon. rahuu made this vidio.

Hope you like these updates.


Club Penguin Candence and Penguin Band Trackers

Hey guys this is a Club penguin Candence and Penguin Band Tracker. This Trackers are not 100% accurett but i will try my best to make it very accurent.

Candence Tracker


Penguin Band Traacker


When i am asleep or not tracking` why not try this trackers

Club Penguin Cheats

Club Penguin Cheats

Also these tracker hardly evern find famous penguins so how about refreshing them alot and also try this chat to find her.

Get your own Chat Box! Go Large!

~Lewisrae and Lewis Rae1

Scavenger Hunt Cheats

Egg 1 Gushing Geyser – Blogosaurs
Egg 2 Tree Fort (Croc Peninsula) – Coprolites
Egg 3 Carnivorous Cavern – Protectosaurs
Egg 4 Secret Temple (Dino Dunes) – Leviathan Melvillei
Egg 5 Forest Floor – Comedy Night
Egg 6 Edmarka’s Town Store (Gushing Geyser) – Soggy Bottom Swamp
Egg 7 Dr. Nanosaurus’ Secret Lab (Hillside Canopy) – Plesiosaurs
Egg 8 Sanoran Sands – Mystical Banana
Egg 9 Tao Temple (Sub Alpine Forest) – Flyboy
Egg 10 Buckland’s Peak – Sunflower

The prize is a Sunflower